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I specialize in modern & clean design.

Modern and clean design is an important standard for websites because it helps your visitors have a wonderful & easy experience. Clean navigation and thoughtful content strategies are the secrets to a great website.
● Eye-catching benefits of modern design

● Content is impactful and easy to digest

● Strategically positioned  sections and website functions

What to expect when hosting on WIX?

WIX is a great platform for both large and small websites. It gives you great opportunities to build whatever your business needs to have on the front end.

The backend empowers you with Wix Analytics Insights. This makes it easier for you to discover what's important in your data, to help you make informed business decisions. Insights are generated by Wix Analytics, and highlight opportunities for growth and potential areas of risk. In short, it gives you everything you need to make important executive decisions when it comes to marketing strategies.

Your website will work on desktop, mobile, and tablets.

I pride myself in building websites that function wonderfully on all forms of viewing.
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Website Features

●  Subscriptions

● Events tools

● Membership

● Built-in communications management system

● Live Chat

● Forms

● Instagram Integration

● Accept payments

● Accessibility Button

● And more!

I have done this before with amazing results and will do it again.

Marketing agency Savvy Chic Design has a web designer fall out of the massive website project. A lot of content was uploaded, but there was no structure or refined design. Some of the original designers work was not done correctly. I was hired to develop a meticulously accurate brand and spacing guide for the website, and of course to complete the website. became a beautiful product. I took 1-2 days per page, and it was done with finesse & efficiently. To this day Savvy Chic Design recommends me for all WIX projects.
Local business Gather Blast is a combined website with 2 sister brands Gather Blast and Gather Blast Foam Parties. I was hired to re-design a Shopify website that was failing. It was no wonder, because Shopify was the wrong platform for the functions required for Gather Blast's business model. We hosted the new website on WIX and I developed a beautiful brand guideline to seamlessly combine the sister brands into a brand that can grow bigger and with refined systems to back it.

To this day, captivates website visitors longer than the previous website (we lowered the bounce rate). The website content is proven to answer more questions from visitors, it successfully communicates the heart of Gather Blast brand values. And the website has successfully brought in new business opportunities and attention from expansion collaborators.
Thank you, you are welcome to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

(661) 839-9755
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