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Are you Real Estate Royalty determined to build a trust-building brand that will effortlessly win over clients & referrals?

Strategic branding & logo design, gorgeous website design enhanced with strategic copywriting, and impressive social media design.

Create a strategic brand.
Display a website that commands YES clients.
Possess the power to make a social impact.

If you are like my wonderful past clients, you...

✅ Feel on-fire about all things real estate

✅ You do your best to advertise your services on social media

✅ Want to get more leads straight to your inbox - more consistently

✅ You wish you had a converting website to WOW your new connections

✅ You highly value how others perceive your business and good reputation

✅ You are determined to scale your business now

✅ You appreciate the money-making power of strategic brand design

Copy of Valleys Design Studio Website 2022 (4).png
Copy of Valleys Design Studio Website 2022 (15).png


Do not miss out on the life-changing qualities of brand design for real estate agents & teams!

  • 💗 Brand Recognition
    Your community is more likely to use a winning real estate agent that is familiar to them. Having a recognizable personal or business brand is a game-changer.
  • 💗 Credibility
    You KNOW you're Real Estate Royalty...but other people don't. Your strategic brand will bring instant like, know, trust to your new visitors.
  • 💗 Loyalty
    Branded businesses make your past clients more likely to use your service again & feel excited to send you ready-to-go referrals.
  • 💗 Consistency
    Your brand will set the foundation for your rapidly growing real estate business by providing a strategic structure for all marketing materials and future offers.
  • 💗 Better Business Values
    Real estate clients NEED to connect with you on a personal level. Strategic branding will showcase your mission statement & values with magnetic clarity & professionalism.
  • 💗 1 Step Ahead Of Competitors
    Your iconic real estate branding will set you apart from others in your niche. By positioning yourself as the ONLY logical solution for your community, you will be working with clients who appreciate and WANT your expertise & advice.
  • 💗 Brand Equity
    Become the "Apple" products of Real Estate. If you dream of monetizing your business or team, a brand will give you extreme leverage to seamlessly sell books, courses, training, digital materials, and so much more!
  • 💗 Magnetic Qualities
    Your brand will attract the best clients and the best business opportunities. Begin to meet brand ambassadors, marketing experts, creatives, photographers, and more. Collaboration will boost your business faster!
Payment Plans

Imagine a brand that shows up for you when you are not around.
A brand that tells your values & story loud and clear, and creates YES clients who crave the value you provide.

  • 🔥 The YES Website

    Every month
    Strategic Web Design
    Valid for 4 months
    • Modern & clean branded elements
    • Form email automations
    • Integrations IDX, CRM, booking
    • 4 pages included
    • First round of revisions included
    • $55 /per additional section
    • TOTAL investment $2,000
  • 🚀 Launch My Brand

    Every month
    Strategic Branding & Logo Design
    Valid for 6 months
    • Brand Strategy: Discovery Assessment, Brand Audit & Guide
    • Logo Design: Primary, Secondary, and Icon Logo Design
    • Brand Design: Color, Font Guide, Mood Board, Buttons & More
    • First Set of Revisions Included
    • Social Banner, Flyer, Letterhead, Social Post
    • TOTAL investment $1,500
  • Web Monthly Package

    Every month
    Website Matinence
    • Includes 2 website section updates
    • $49.50/Per additional section update
    • Monthly insight reports
    • Monthly website audit



"Samantha has been my graphic designer for years. She has branded my real estate business to be top of the line. I highly recommend her for any branding and website services. She is efficient and creative, and she is always there for my graphic design needs. Over time she has done everything from designing websites, social media branding, logo, and custom client gifts."



Hello there, my name is Sam.

Copy of CM - Facebook & Instagram Ad Square Post Templates (36).png

I am the Owner of Valleys Design Studio & Brand Designer specializing in modern & clean design.

Celebrating over seven years of branding experience in the real estate industry, my expertise is beautifully compatible with real estate branding, feminine empowerment brands, coaches, therapists & doctors, legal professionals, personal branding, fitness brands, beauty brands, aesthetic focused restaurants, other luxury brands, and my favorite- local small businesses & Shopify stores.

Learn more about us:

My client promise: I design pridefully, competitively, and genuinely care about the success of your business.

I have first-hand experience building a thriving business organically. That is why Valleys Design Studio accepts Payment Plans on all services over $500. I value how important brand design is and how it can completely transform how you make money whether you are brand new or an established business.

We also accept Rush Orders for most of our services and will gladly work with your timeline at an additional + $55 per hour or $200 per day. Please contact me to discuss more.

I give back to my dedicated and loving community by awarding 10% cash or design credits when you send me a referral. I am full of joy and humbled by the support I have received since day one. 

💌 You are welcome to contact me at at 661 839 9755 or

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